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Thank You for an Amazing #RockCadence

Thank You for an Amazing #RockCadence

Now that is how you throw a rock concert! We want to Thank all of you who came out to #RockCadence on April 5th! It turned out better than we ever could have imagined. Over 400 of you got the chance to hear three amazing bands rock for your votes and helped us officially open our doors to the Gaithersburg community! Before we recap the awesomeness that was #RockCadence, we want to thank a few special partners for all of their hard work in helping us organize such a special event. First of all, OnTap Magazine did a fantastic job coordinating and executing the event and selecting three amazing bands! Also, our amazing friends from Sugarloaf Mountain Winery were a huge hit with the many wine enthusiasts who stopped by.

The #RockCadence Show

Three bands competed for your votes and a $1,500 bonus, making for one heck of a show! If you weren’t able to make the event, or haven’t had a chance to read our features on Hand Painted Swinger, Station 1201 and The 19th Street Band, we suggest doing so!


Hand Painted Swinger Took the Stage First.

Hand Painted Swinger took the stage first. The four-member group has been playing and writing together since 2006 and played songs off their first album, “My Last Laugh”. The group’s high-energy sound combined with the voice of lead-singer Jim Higley quickly got the crowd’s attention. Attendees flooded the main courtyard as HPS won the crowd over one original track at a time. HPS got the crowd in the rocking spirit, which set things up perfectly for the next act. The 19th Street Band, playing over 250 shows in the DC area last year, needs no introduction. Again, the #RockCadence crowd was treated to a hot, up-and-coming local band playing original songs, written by the band members. 19th Street has an incredibly likable and catchy sound. Their mix of Americana, country and rock n’ roll, coupled with lead singer/guitarist Caolaidhe Davis’s Irish accent, gets an audience on their feet. The entire courtyard was connecting with the group’s vibe. As if all that wasn’t enough for the crowd, bassist Michael Scoglio CLIMBED onto his upright bass during the band’s cover of Johnny Cash’s ”Ring of Fire” – to say the crowd went a little crazy would be putting it mildly. The saying goes “save the best for last”, and it couldn’t be more true. Our last band, Station 1201, had their work cut out after two amazing performances from HPS and 19th Street. Station 1201′s charismatic lead singer, Shawn Hillman, and incredibly talented lead guitarist, Kenny Day, came out with mics blazing! One highlight from the day was Hillman’s original track written to his newborn baby girl, “Mack’s Song”. It was an emotional, beautifully written song that got the entire crowd clapping along.

WINNER: After all the votes were counted The 19th Street Band was crowned King of #RockCadence and took home an additional $1,500. Not bad for an afternoon in Downtown Crown!

To all three of the bands who came and played for us – YOU KILLED IT. Everyone who was there was super-impressed, and we are still hearing amazing things being said two weeks later!

World Record Amount of Apartment Tours

The property team at Cadence was all hands on deck from 2pm until well after closing time, showing off the STUNNING 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment homes Cadence has to offer. There were a few different models available for viewing; all of which had a few extra goodies included on this particular Saturday. The most popular being our “Selfie Screen” where guests could take selfies of themselves and post on Instagram for a chance to win a $50 Harris Teeter gift card. Again – a huge thanks to everyone who came out to #RockCadence. We hope to see you next time!