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#RockCadence Band Series – Meet Hand Painted Swinger

#RockCadence Band Series – Meet Hand Painted Swinger

Last week we announced our epic grand opening event, Battle of the Bands, aka #RockCadence. If you missed last week’s post, make sure to check it out for all #RockCadence details! To register for the April 5th event CLICK HERE.

Now, there’d be no #RockCadence without the rock. So we thought it was important to spend some time with the bands who will be jamming for your votes in just a few weeks.

Our first #RockCadence Band Series features the crew from Hand Painted Swinger. Below is an interview with Lead Guitarist Bob Shellhouse.

Hand Painted Swinger

Kevin: Hey Bob, thanks for hanging out today. Why don’t we start with the band’s history – how did Hand Painted Swinger (HPS) get together?

Bob: Excited to be here – HPS got together in 2006. Prior to then (2006), we had taken about a year off from playing covers….then reunited to do the album.

Kevin: Why an album?

Bob: We wanted to do something more artistically creative. So we wrote our own music, got some cash together and recorded our first album, Speed Hump.

Brushes With Greatness

Kevin: How’d the album do?

Bob: Well we had a few “Brushes with Greatness” – the album surprised a lot of people, including ourselves, and ended up being nominated for Two Wammies (Washington Area Music Awards); Best Pop-Rock Group and Best Pop-Rock Recording (Our album, Speed Hump). Unfortunately, we didn’t win (but who cares). It was an amazing experience and definitely helped with the bands popularity.

What was really cool was we happened to release at the beginning of the digital age of music consumption. People weren’t buying CD’s like they had in the past, and we were able to get our album on iTunes pretty early on.

Kevin: Did you say digital? You’ve got my attention – how did things like iTunes and digital media help grow the bands popularity?

Bob: Because we had our album on iTunes a production company out of New York randomly found our music through iTunes and contacted us about using some of our music on a new web series they created called “We Need Girlfriends“. They used our song “I Don’t Mind” at the end of the first episode. Then, “My Last Laugh” became the official theme song beginning w/ episode three. Once that happened we started to get downloads from all over the world. The web series eventually end-up being bought by CBS and was this close to becoming an actual TV show. We liked to joke that this was going to be our big break and we were going to be the next “Friends” song!

We Need Girlfriends (Digital Fame)

Kevin: What happened to the show?

Bob: It didn’t make it. It got some short-lived press on things like Rolling Stones Hot List but never aired on TV.

Kevin: Any other “Brushes with Greatness” we should know about?

Bob: HPS was in a movie! Our drummer, Bill Plank, knew some people associated with the movie “Lovely Molly” (same people who did “Blair Witch Project”) and HPS got to play the wedding band in the movie. The producers even let us play our own music.

Kevin: How long is the band featured?

Bob: About 5 seconds (laughing). We saw the original cut and we were in there much longer. When the film came out they had cut our scene down to only a few seconds. But our names are in the credits!

Kevin: Well, we promise to give you A LOT more than 5 seconds come April 5th.

Bob: We can’t wait!

Kevin: Neither can we!


Jim Higley – Vocals & Guitar
Bob Shellhouse – Guitar & Vocals
Billy Plank – Drums & Vocals
David Vespoint / Chris Sussman – Bass & Vocals

Sounds Like
Better Than Ezra, Gin Blossoms, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers


To see HPS live make sure to get your tickets for #ROCKCADENCE HERE! And stay tuned for interviews with our two other amazing acts – The 19th Street Band and Station 1201 – coming shortly!