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#RockCadence Band Series – Meet The 19th Street Band

#RockCadence Band Series – Meet The 19th Street Band

Our epic grand opening event, Battle of the Bands, aka #RockCadence is TOMORROW! Can you believe it?! Who’s excited?!

QUICK UPDATE: Registration is now CLOSED. We have SOLD OUT of tickets. Thank you so much for supporting us and getting behind this special event! If you’re unable to make tomorrows event, PLEASE try and share your tickets with friends or family who are able to stop by!

Now, there’d be no #RockCadence without the rock. So we thought it was important to spend some time with the bands who will be jamming for your votes.

Our third and final #RockCadence Band Series features the crew from The 19th Street Band. Below is an interview with bass player, Mike Scoglio.

The 19th Street Band

Kevin: Hey Mike – we saved the best for last! Why don’t we start with a little band history.

Mike: Haha. We started playing together about 5 years ago. Actually, its a pretty cool story, how we ended up together.

Kevin: Let’s hear it!

Mike: I first met Meghan, our fiddle player, at Catholic University. We were both pursuing a degree in music. After we graduated Meghan met Caolaidhe (like “Cali”), our lead singer and guitar player. Caolaidhe is from Northern Ireland and moved to America to pursue music. Meghan and Caolaidhe started playing for friends and family at house parties and instantly hit it off.

Fast forward a few years later and I get a call from a buddy asking me if I wanted to go hear some new local band he’s into. I walk into the bar and see Meghan and Caolaidhe standing on stage. We got to talking about how cool it would be to add my upright bass to their sound. A few weeks later we were playing our first gig at the Irish Inn downtown.

"Friend-of-a-friend is pretty much the story of how we've gotten all of our deals." - Mike Scoglio

“Friend-of-a-friend is pretty much the story of how we’ve gotten all of our deals.” – Mike Scoglio

All-in On Music

Kevin: Love when that happens. Fate’s pretty awesome. So how do you go from your first gig together to quitting your job and playing music for a living?

Mike: One show at a time. We started playing a few shows at the Irish Inn. The more we played, the bigger the crowd grew. The owner asked us to start playing sets every other week, which quickly turned into every week. Our popularity kept growing, and all the sudden we had people standing in the parking lot to hear us play. Other restaurant and bar owners would come to hear us play and they would end up asking us to come play for them the following week.

Kevin: So the bands popularity is growing, you’re playing more gigs? But all of you still had day jobs? How did you know it was time to go all-in on music?

Mike: There comes this point when you just have to make a decision. I think we knew we had something special from the beginning. You get involved in so many peoples lives playing music that want to support you. A house party here, a night out drinking there. And after a while, you’ve got this incredible group of people who really believe in what you’re doing.

About a year and a half ago, I was doing sewer work for the city. It wasn’t anything glamorous but it paid well and I have young family. Around the same time, you could feel the bands popularity peaking and we knew this was the moment we had to decide – chase our dreams or let them pass us by.

Live From The Hamilton

Kevin: I’m inspired! Really glad you went for it! Last thing – tell me a little about your first album, when it came out and what that’s been like?

Mike: The album was released at the end of January. It’s called ‘Live from the Hamilton‘ and you can buy it right now on iTunes and Amazon.

Kevin: I’ll make sure I download my copy later today!


Caolaidhe Davis – Lead Singer / Guitar
Meghan Davis – Fiddle
Mike Scoglio – Upright Bass

#RockCadence Event Info

Saturday, April 5th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM — THE EVENT IS SOLD OUT!