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#RockCadence Band Series – Meet Station 1201

#RockCadence Band Series – Meet Station 1201

Our epic grand opening event, Battle of the Bands, aka #RockCadence is less than two weeks away! To register for the April 5th event CLICK HERE.

Now, there’d be no #RockCadence without the rock. So we thought it was important to spend some time with the bands who will be jamming for your votes in just a few weeks.

Our second #RockCadence Band Series features the crew from Station 1201. Below is an interview with lead singer, Shawn Hillman.

Station 1201

Kevin: Hey Shawn – glad we finally caught up with each other. Why don’t you share a little band history with us.

Shawn: Sure! I started Station 1201 about 6-7 years ago. Kenny Day, our lead guitarist, has been with me since the beginning. Besides that, we’ve been kind of a revolving door of band members over the years. It’s hard keeping a band together this long but music is something I’ve loved my whole life. Couldn’t imagine ever giving it up.

Kevin: What’s the best part about being in Station 1201?

Shawn: Performing. Giving back. We’re not rich, so being able to use any talent we have to bring pleasure to those who need it is without-a-doubt the best part about being in this group.

Kevin: What kind of music can we expect to hear from you at #RockCadence?

Shawn: ORIGINAL TRACKS! I’m so excited. Kenny and I have been writing our own songs for years but most places only want us to play covers. Don’t get me wrong, we love covering songs but I think its made us really appreciate those opportunities to play our own music. We’ve been working on an album for years, I’d love to be able to finish recording this year.

Rock Shows

Kevin: Favorite DC venues to play?

Shawn: We’ve played a bunch of shows at Nationals Park and The Fairgrounds over the past few years. Great crowds. Taste of DC was awesome. It’s one of the shows I wanted to play for a while and last year we finally got the opportunity. Both Clydes and The Greene Turtle have been great to us over the years. A few weeks ago we headlined at Reston Town Centers St. Patrick’s Day Party. They definitely know how to have a good time!

Kevin: All-time favorite show?

Shawn: Before Walter Reed closed, Kenny and I played a small acoustic show for a group of Wounded Veterans. It’s something I’ll never forget. You asked me earlier the best part about being in a band, well this show was it.

Kevin: The world could use a few more Shawn Hillmans.


Shawn Hillman – Lead Singer / Vocals
Kenny Day – Guitar (Electric)
Dan Perriello – Drums
Eric Carter – Bass

Rock / Hip Rock / R&B

Cool Fact
The number 1201 is actually referring to 12:01am…the 3rd time in a row that we quit trying to think of a unique band name.

#RockCadence Event Info

To see Station 1201 live, make sure to get your tickets for #ROCKCADENCE HERE! And stay tuned for our last interview with The 19th Street Band – Coming next week!

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