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Using Mirrors To Make Your Home Look Larger

Using Mirrors To Make Your Home Look Larger

If you’d like to make the most of your space in your Cadence at Crown home, mirrors are a great way to add some color and intrigue to your abode without breaking the bank. Mirrors can be used creatively throughout your home to add color, interest, and trick the eyes into believing that the space is actually bigger than it really is.  Here are some tips for your home.


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Group Mirrors Together

Check out a thrift store or discount store to score several mirrors with similar (or even exact) styles. You can make a style statement based on how you put them up on the wall, and your project will look way more luxe than it is. Seeking extra bold statements? Look for mirrors with colored frames, or get crafty and complete them yourself!

Add Kitchen Light- Put Mirrors Behind Your Stove

Mirrors tend to pick up light and reflect it around the room, which is why they go so well right above your stove. Install hanging hooks for cleaning ease. Watch how the room unfolds behind you as you are cooking with mirrors behind the stove!

Make Walls Look Longer- Flip The Mirror Sideways

Did you score a great find at a flea market? Think about flipping the mirror sideways to make your wall look even longer. Add stencils if you want a personal touch. You can be as creative as you want with this type of project, which is ideal for the budding interior designer.

Group Mirrors Together

Not everything has to look the same in order to make a statement. Collect a few different mirrors and draw out what they might look like together on the wall. With different shapes, you can really play around with the final look. If you get tired of it after six months, think about rearranging the design! Friends will know you did something different but they won’t be sure quite what.

Challenge Yourself With a Budget

Mirrors can be one of the most affordable ways to add personal and interesting touches to your Cadence at Crown home. Set a budget and see how much you can score. With a little cleaning or paint, you can brush up old mirrors for a totally unique look.