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7 Reasons Why You'll Never Go Hungry at Cadence

7 Reasons Why You'll Never Go Hungry at Cadence

Last week we wrote about the success of Harris Teeter’s Grand Opening. The new store sits directly behind Cadence and couldn’t be more than a hundred yards from our resident parking garage. It’s certainly the closest and might be the only walkable grocery store near Cadence but it’s far from the only grocery option.

Below are 7 high quality grocery store options within 5 miles of Cadence:


For more details please read our review of Harris Teeters Grand Opening HERE. or view our photo album of the event HERE.


So, you need a dozen eggs AND a cute new top? Check both items off your to-do list and head over to Target in Washingtonian Center. From fresh bread and frozen pizza, Target’s grocery section is fully stocked with goods to keep your tummy full. Tip: Come prepared with a list… One minute you’re cruising your cart through the cereal aisle, and BAM, you’re stocking up sandals for spring break.


Giant grocery stores have been one of the most popular grocery destinations in Gaithersburg for many years. Giant has multiple Gaithersburg locations (Muddy Branch and Kentlands being the closest stores) and offers a large variety of name brand foods. The stores tend to be the busiest in Gaithersburg and are particularly crowded on weekend mornings.

Giant stores offer many weekly coupons and many shoppers swear by their Giants Reward program which offers discounts on hundreds of items each week and earns shoppers gas points to be used at Shell stations.


Hungry and on a health kick? Whole Foods Kentlands is your one-stop-shop for all things tastefully organic. Stock up on fresh ingredients to complete you Top Chef recipe or visit the hot bar and let the Whole Food foodies do the work. Tip: Although sometimes nicknamed “Whole Paycheck”, Whole Foods offers lots of deals specific to Kentlands shoppers.


When you want to shop where everyone knows your name, good ole Trader Joe’s is the place. Quaint and cozy, TJs is home to “innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods”. Trader Joe’s is easy to navigate and you can you trust your grocery bill won’t break the bank. Plus, their crew uniform entails Hawaiian print shirts. How fun is that?


Safeway grocery stores have been a staple in the Gaithersburg community for almost 20 years. The closest location to Cadence is a 5 minute drive to Darnestown road location (across the street from Quince Orchard High School).

It’s a large, very clean store and doesn’t get nearly as much foot traffic because of its location. If you hate the overwhelming crowds at Giant, Safeway is a great option for all your basic grocery needs.


Lotte Plaza is another new addition the Gaithersburg. Lotte is a grocery chain store chain inspired food and vegetables from Korea and multiple other Asian countries. For more details click HERE.

YOUR TURN: Which Gaithersburg grocery store is your favorite? Why?