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Apple Cider, Pumpkin Picking, and a Zombie Run?

Apple Cider, Pumpkin Picking, and a Zombie Run?

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the cool fall breezes outside with your friends and family, but if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, head up Frederick area’s Crumland Farms. Fjallraven Kanken España This year, the popular pumpkin patch and farm activities will also be the site for the second annual Mud Dog Run Zombie Edition on November 2nd.
If you’re an active 5k runner, you’ll be able to work your way through 16 outdoor muddy obstacles, all while trying to avoid being attacked by the “undead”. christian louboutin Zombies placed throughout the course will be trying to steal your flags from your belt. new balance avis There will be recognition for runners who complete the course with one or more flags as well as those who don’t survive with all their flags. If you’re not up for running for your life, sign up as a zombie to jump out and grab flags throughout the course. new balance france The race concludes with an “End of the World” party for runners and zombies with live music, drinks, and food.
Crumland farms also hosts a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and a variety of child-friendly activities on their farm during the season. To keep the scares coming, Crumland also has Friday and Saturday programs available in the Haunted Woods, Corrupted Corn, and the Haunted Barn. Buy FF14 items This fall, enjoy an afternoon or weekend on the farm picking out your pumpkins, enjoying a hayride, and even participating in some ghoulish activities located right at Crumland Farms. There’s a little something for everyone available!
Those who wish to register for the Zombie Run should sign up as runners or zombies in either the morning or afternoon wave. Runners will be released at particular times, while zombies will staff a particular portion of the course during a shift.