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3 Creative Ideas for Container Gardening

3 Creative Ideas for Container Gardening

Have you been wanting to start your own garden for a while now? Are you intrigued by that friend who seems be able to grow anything? Curious about whether you can do the same in your Gaithersburg apartment home?

What if we told you putting together your ideal garden can be as simple as getting the right sized containers and putting in some elbow grease?

We’ve found some great DIYs and tutorials for creating your own container garden at home, so that your home can be blooming soon enough!

A chandelier planter looks sophisticated and earthy, and it turns out you can make one at home! DIY Show Off has an excellent step-by-step guide for how to create a chandelier planter of your own. adidas Check it out!

The beauty of these jar hanging planters is in their simplicity. nike air huarache pas cher The flowers themselves are potted in jars that you can upcycle after finishing, the vibrant flowers will give them personality.

What makes these hangers unique are what they are hung on: old spoons repurposed to be hooks. nike air max 2017 pas cher The look is rustic and the finished product is an instant hit!

The final container is beautiful, but requires a bit more curation. timberland discount Gather some of your favorite antiques and put together a sunlight terrarium, like this one from Erin’s Art and Gardens.