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Cadence at Crown Kitchen Necessities

Cadence at Crown Kitchen Necessities

Your Cadence at Crown apartment is fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. Compliment your already stunning kitchen with these necessary accessories.

Kitchen Necessities

Everyone has their kitchen must-haves. A Kitchen Aid blender, rice cooker, steamer or crock pot can all seem like accessories you cannot live without. Most of these accessories are usually left on top the off the counter and displayed to your guests during gatherings. Why not have them match? Matching your kitchen appliances and accessories is essential for a flourishing kitchen area. Choose one color or a few complimenting colors to stick to.

Floral Compliments

There is never a season inappropriate to have flowers. Your Cadence kitchen is a great space to add colorful flowers. Whether fake or real, add flowers and colorful vases that match each season’s feel. For example, softer pastels like pink, turquoise and yellow flowers are great for spring, whereas purple, orange and red are great flower additions for fall. Place your colorful flowers in your kitchen window sill, corner space or allow them to stand alone adding color to your nook.

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Chalkboard Canvas

Keep your sanity by creating a trendy chalkboard canvas for your kitchen. Stay organized by writing recipe ideas for the week, grocery items and healthy eating inspiration on your chalkboard canvas. Designers are spicing up these easy to make chalkboards with luxury frames and embellishments to give them a sophisticated look that will compliment your kitchen, while keeping your to-do list handy.

Whether you match each of your appliances or chalk your to-dos, make your Cadence Apartment your own. For ideas like these and more, visit our Pinterest.

Image: Style at Home, Coco Cozy