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Hosting Your First Dinner at Cadence!

Hosting Your First Dinner at Cadence!

With a state-of-the-art kitchen, your new apartment home at The Cadence at Crown is the perfect place to host dinner parties. The culinary-inspired kitchens are equipped with granite countertops, espresso cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Your new kitchen space is the perfect excuse to host a gathering, impressing your family and friends.

Now for the planning. To compliment your stunning space, you will need a few good recipes, beverages and unique kitchenware for your first dinner party.

Pick a few of your favorite appetizers, like these simple Hummus Cups. Each cup is filled with healthy, delicious ingredients that you can purchase from your local farmers market. Once you have your appetizers prepared, choose your main entree. Keep in mind your guests when you decide the main dish.

If you have vegetarians attending, tend to their needs and create a veggie-friendly option. Your meat lovers will still want a beautiful piece of meat on their plate, so don’t eliminate it entirely. Choose a dish that can go either way with simple substitutes such as Chicken Parmesan (can be made with eggplant) or your grandmother’s Italian lasagne (substitute meat with squash and veggies).

Your dessert should be paired with the current season. If you are hosting dinner during summer months, offer a refreshing dessert plate. Fruits like berries, apples and strawberries are commonly used for summer desserts. This strawberry and cream tart is perfect paired with a white wine as your guest gaze through your windows, enjoying the views and conversation.

Make sure you present your best kitchenware for your guests. You can even match your seasonal theme desserts with your decor, plates and utensils. The overall appearance of your apartment is sure to impress on it’s own, but the little details you present along the way will display your personality to your guests and leave a statement.

Image: Bakerette, The Gunny Sack