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Functional and Aesthetic Storage

Functional and Aesthetic Storage

The seasons are changing, and perhaps you’re looking at the upcoming New Year as a great time to purge and clean up the clutter around your Cadence at Crown home. Let’s take a look at some pretty and yet functional storage options to help you clean up a commonly overwhelmed area: the office!

TMaree | Workspace Inspiration

Image: T-Maree

Offices are known for clutter because they are typically staged in a smaller area of the house (or perhaps even a corner of a room) and because they are the home base for bills, graded papers, permission slips, and other paperwork. If you don’t have a lot of space, one great option is to build upwards. Make a series of storage options that make the most advantage of the ceiling height. Go through the massive pile of papers and divide them neatly. You can even file these items in a thrift store filing cabinet under the main “table” section of the unit. The great thing about this is if you don’t actually need a desk to work at, you can establish and clean and clutter-free area for your items.

If the bookshelf in your office is taking up too much space, take inventory of the books in the room and determine only what you need most. Then ditch the bookcase for another location or sell it and install a narrow storage option like the one below. Paint it in an accent color to really draw the eyes in.

Finally, if your main concern is being able to store a few precious items that you love without animals or pets being able to get to them, consider doing some mats on the back of a storage cupboard with glass doors in front. Color really pops from the back when you use a print or even a wallpaper style or stencil to add a little bit of flair to your personal room. You can store books and knickknacks here and not have to worry about them getting broken.