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Fun in the Trees at Sandy Spring Adventure Park

Fun in the Trees at Sandy Spring Adventure Park

Fall is here, which means the outdoor pool is closed and the football games are on. However, if you’re looking for an exciting weekend activity for your family, there’s still time to absorb the changing colors of the fall and get some exercise in the sunny and breezy weather at the Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School located in Sandy Spring.
For all your family members age 5 and up, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime on one of Sandy Spring’s 13 high ropes courses that will challenge your strength and teamwork skills. You’re provided with a harness, equipment, and a safety briefing that will leave you totally prepared for a day in the sky. There are zip lines located at each course with bridges and tree platforms offering varying levels of difficulty.
The park boasts more than 150 unique challenges to take on, all under the guidance of trained staff. The park is open on Fridays from 1 PM until dusk, but you can really make the most of what the park has to offer with weekend admission. From 9 AM until dusk on Saturday and Sunday, you can explore the trees and push yourself to new heights with your family. There’s simply so much to do at Sandy Spring that it’s unlikely you’ll conquer it all in one visit!
Plan to spend at least several hours in the park to really get your feet wet. Once you get comfortable in maneuvering the courses, consider coming back on another weekend to try something more challenging. The above-ground courses will test you and push you to new limits. The ropes courses are also a great way to introduce teamwork and cheering one another on. Check out the Adventure Park today and you’ll quickly become addicted!
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