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Making Your Own Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Sometimes it’s so easy to get sucked into the food preparation aspect of Thanksgiving that the centerpiece gets bypassed altogether. Don’t be looking at your food-filled but decoration-absent table in your Cadence at Crown home this turkey day by planning some simple centerpiece ideas in advance. When done ahead of time, the centerpiece can actually be a great focal point for the meal and make for some incredible photos, tying all your food choices together.

Idea #1: Reuse Those Pumpkins

Have you noticed that some pumpkins have been marked down post-Thanksgiving? This is a great time to grab some extras and incorporate them into your holiday theme. If you’re working with a dark colored tablecloth, consider painting the pumpkins white for contrast purposes. You can even use pumpkins of different sizes for maximum impact and paint “thanks” spelled out on each pumpkin.

Idea #2: Cash In On Candles
This time of year, candles are put out in beautiful fall colors. If you don’t want to rely on overhead light for your big meal, candles can also add class and ambience in just one step. Heated citrus fruit slices can add to the atmosphere with relatively little work: slice them and put on a cookie sheet in an oven preheated to 250 for about 2 hours.

Idea #3: Simply Nutty
If you don’t feel like going knee deep into the world of crafts or preparing your centerpiece, you can always hit a home run with glass jars. Purchasing different nuts that will contrast well against white or cream candles in the center is completely season-appropriate and something outside the box. Keep your eyes peeled for acorns or other nuts that you can purchase in bulk to pull off this simple, and yet beautiful, effect. You can continue to use this centerpiece all the way through until Christmas, too.