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Best DIY Holiday Gifts To Make At Home

Best DIY Holiday Gifts To Make At Home

If you’ve been invited over to a friend’s Cadence at Crown apartment for the holidays or housewarming party, the stress of having to come up with a perfect gift can be too much for some people. You never know if you’re spending money on something that the receiver won’t like.

Making your own gift can actually be a really nice touch and require less pressure on you. If you’re making the rounds this holiday season or concerned about what to get that person who has it all, you can even make several of the same gift to share this season. Plus, each one of these holiday DIY ideas can be made right in your Cadence at Crown home – no large craft room needed!

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Muffin or Hot Chocolate Mix
By putting together some cute bags with muffin mix inside or a cute holiday glass jar with all the fixings for hot chocolate, you can make your friends or coworkers feel excited about getting to use your homemade creation. When it comes to decoration, you can go as wild as you want by adding your personal touch!

Bath Salts or Body Scrubs
Here’s where you can add a little bit of personal flair by selecting your own scents or catering what you create to the final receiver. If grandma loves grapefruit, for example, you can create your own scrub or bath salts and use cute glass containers to deliver the gift. It’s something your receiver can treasure all year round!

Favorite Recipes Book
Are you the coworkers whose potluck dishes always get the most praise? Consider putting together a few of your favorite recipes for those who deserve a gift. They’ll remember you every time they make your tasty treats! Again, you can be as creative as like here depending on your comfort with design and fun. You can also frame a favorite and pass it on as a gift to a family member (especially a child launching out on their own!)

What are some of your favorite gift DIY ideas? Let us know in the comments!