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Creative Uses for Pumpkins

Creative Uses for Pumpkins

If you haven’t already hit the local pumpkin patches with your family to select the ideal carving gourds, you still have a few weeks to get in on the action before Halloween. Pumpkins have many uses extending beyond Jack-O-Lanterns, however, and it’s a trend you can make the most of between now and the end of November. Put your skills to the test with any one of these creative approaches to pumpkin use during fall!

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Pumpkin Serving Bowls: If you’re hosting a fall party or inviting friends over for a football game, carve out the inside of a pumpkin to use it as a serving dish for that dip or soup. Not comfortable with your food touching the edges? Simply select a serving dish that sits in the top of the pumpkin. Bonus points for toasting the pumpkin seeds as an added snack!
Planter Pumpkin: If you’re looking for a cheap and easy table decoration, use a shelled-out pumpkin with some fresh flowers to channel fall colors.
Pumpkin Crafts: If you don’t want the mess of carving pumpkins with your children, or if you’re burned out on scooping goop from the center, spread out some newspaper and allow children to paint their own designs on the outside of the pumpkins. You can display this along with all of your outdoor fall décor for a personal touch!
Pumpkin Facial: Yes, you can use those insides to create a pumpkin face mask! Pumpkins are notorious for containing zinc, alpha-hydroxy acids, and anti-oxidants, all of which are great for your skin. Check out some unique facial recipes on the internet for more details.
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Animal Treats: Repurpose those used pumpkins to feed small animals that might enjoy a visit to your yard. Deer, birds, and squirrels living in animal-friendly habitats love to partake in delicious pumpkin! Pumpkin can also help to settle a dog’s upset stomach, too.
FInd the nearest pumpkin patch to your Cadence at Crown apartment and the Gaithersburg area by checking out the map here!