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Creative DIY Fall Wreaths

Creative DIY Fall Wreaths

We’re in the sweet spot right before Christmas decorations, and a great way to spruce up your front door while staying festive is to add a colorful fall-themed wreath. Making your own wreath is relatively easy and fun, making your front door truly unique for the entire season. Here are some of the easiest and most gorgeous DIY fall wreaths for you to try at your Cadence at Crown apartment!

BHG | DIY Leafy Wreath

Image: BHG

Leafy Wreath
Start by gathering some fallen leaves from your yard. You’re aiming for colorful leaves that haven’t dried out completely. A wire wreath frame from your local crafts store will serve as the base for your project. You’ll pierce the center of each leave and load it onto the frame. Add some ribbon for an extra splash tying in all those fall colors.

Pine Cone Wreath
The best thing about this design is that it’s appropriate all fall and winter long, so you’re likely to get the most bang for your buck here. You can even spray the pinecones a different color once they are hot glued onto a grapevine foundation (this allows you to color coordinate inside if you want the wreath to complement your room). Sprinkling with glitter is a final touch to add some sparkle to your project.

Coffee Filter Wreath
This project is designed for those who want complete control over the final look of the wreath. Use craft paint to dip unused coffee filters in and pinch them up like flowers. You can even add some extra paint using a brush to the edge of the flowers for a totally different look. Dilute the paint if you’re going for a muted vibe, and using tea is a great way to get that natural aged look on the coffee filter. A hot glue gun is the essential tool for this project.

It’s easy to make some DIY fall wreaths with plenty of supplies that you probably already have around your home. Which design do you plan on making for the holidays this year? Let us know in the comments!