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Brighten Your Home With Geometric Decor!

Brighten Your Home With Geometric Decor!

Geometric style is not new to interior decor trends, but a rising trend in making bright, shape-heavy pieces the focus of a room is bringing out the modern designer in all of us.

Geometric pieces, when seen on their own in a store or online, might seem daunting to make complement a space – their repeating patterns and Easter basket colors can be tough to envision matching in your home.

But what makes geometric decor so great is that it takes the pressure off of you to have design heavy pieces around a space; they become the focus and allow you to keep the rest simple. And, believe it or not, if you do have multiple pattern-heavy pieces they’ll create a bright and eclectic environment instead of clash.

If you pick a geometric piece that is also a bright color, then you can keep the design and palette for the rest of the room simple and monochromatic, too. Choosing your eye-catching geometric piece to become the centerpiece of a room might be a project, but after that the rest of your room will come together seamlessly.

We compiled some of our favorite ways to incorporate geometric decor into your home, ranging from the dramatic to simple. You can also find these decor ideas on Cadence at Crown’s Pinterest account.

A geometric wall is great for a kids room, or anywhere you want to keep bright. And by making the wall itself artistic, you won’t have to add on additional wall hangings! We love the colors and semi-random color choices with this triangle wall.

While a wall draws the eye up, another centerpiece can be right at your feet. A monochromatic geometric rug, like this stunning black and white piece, doesn’t impose but still intrigues.

Image: Kakform

If you want to add in geometric decor for just a season or so, picking up smaller pieces will still pack a huge punch. These bar chairs with geometric design on the upholstery change the atmosphere of the entire room, and their bright color gives the space a vibrant hue while relinquishing the other pieces of needing to be bright, too.

Another option is to toss some geometric throw pillows on your couch. This is a simple fix that will enliven a drab piece of furniture, and when you tire of it, simply replace the cushion cover with the latest trend!

No matter how you use geometric patterns in your decor, it will be sure to breathe new life into your room. Have a different idea for how to make your space shape-happy? Let us know in the comments!

Top Image: Interiorish